Principles And Life Lessons Can Be Instilled In Children Friendly Holidays

by Rob Shand on June 29, 2012

The sight of a child’s brightly excited face can send a burst of energy through even the oldest of people. Making children friendly holidays special can insure a time of joy for all. Groups of friends and families gather for food, games and gift exchange.

As older generations reminisce on their most enjoyable times as a youth many of those memories involve holiday seasons. For this reason they go out of their way to ensure that the holidays are special to the younger generations. Parents and older people want to ensure that traditions are passed down and that their children experience the same feelings of joy and excitement that they did. As these children have babies then their parents can sit back and be assured of a family tradition, filled with moral and value, has been passed on.

As parents who were once children it is easy to tell which holidays infuse the most excitement in youngsters. This is why some are more child friendly even though in actuality everyone observes the time.

The Christmas season is one of children’s favorites and seems to start earlier and earlier each year allowing for parents to maximize their children’s experience. Decorating the home with lights and dressing the Christmas tree, singing carols and watching animated specials involving the Grinch, Frosty and Rudolph. This time of year quickly grabs the young and old alike and envelopes them with anticipation and warmth.

This is also one of those perfect opportunities to teach children the more important lessons and meaning of the season. Whether parents reinforce the gift of giving or spiritual ideals will depend on beliefs and personal morals.

Halloween is another exhilarating time that is filled with mysterious prospect for children. Groups of all ages travel in neighborhoods going door to door and gathering candy. Costumes are admired as many dress in scary delight or try to mimic their favorite superheros and famous characters. Walking together during an autumn evening can truly bring a family closer and be refreshing.

As is always the case the safety of kids is paramount and never is this more than at Halloween. Teaching children safety and emergency procedures at this time is an added value that can truly benefit a child and keep them safe. When parents dress up with their young ones it adds a festive nature to the event and teaches young ones that it is ok to have fun at any age.

Receiving a basket filled with chocolate, marshmallows and jelly beans from the Easter bunny is also one of a child’s favorite times of year. This holiday is, again, often filled with large family gathering filled with festive activities and great food. Easter egg hunts on that day add challenge and parents love to take pictures of young ones peering around corners and under couches for treasure. Value again can be added by teaching moral lessons that represent this time of year.

While parents and older generations can sometimes have as much, if not more, fun than the kids these are truly children friendly holidays. They are a great way to instill family values, spiritual lessons, or traditions for families to practice for years to come.

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