Finding a Summer Camp

by Lonnie Lorenz on June 12, 2012

It was only a few years ago that you child was happy to hang out in day care and wait for you to come home during the summer months. But now your child is asking to do more this summer. Go to the Grandparents, maybe Disney. How bout Summer Camp? Here are a few thoughts when considering summer camp for the first time.

Not all camps are created equal. Picking a camp for the first time can be a daunting task asn not one that should be taken lightly. It is best to discussing camp with her or him is always the first place to begin. Sometimes what you learn might surprise you. Each child has different needs and wants from camp Often for first timers it is best to pick a camp that has many activities. This offers a lot of selection and reduces possible boredom. It is a good idea once you have your camp criteria to start your selection on line but remember their are thousands of camps so plan on being overwhelmed.

Camps can be classified | categorize according to gender of their campers. There are coed camps wherein girls and boys mingle with each other on a daily basis. There are also camps exclusive to boys or girls. Then there are brother/sister camps; here, boys and girls pursue most activities separately and interact on only for particular occasions.

Other areas to consider when selecting a camp are these specialties: religious, academic, specialized activity,travel, teen or special needs camps. Basically, you can find a summer camp with any specialty from fishing to legos, it’s really up to you.

You should also consider how a camp can serve the way you want your child to grow. Do you want to develop certain abilities, or do you think he or she needs to be more independent and improve social skills? You can [shorten | narrow down] your list of prospective camps to ones that offer the activities or have the program that you want for your kid. One of the best things about a good summer camp experience is that there are often surprise benefits beyond what parent and child could have anticipated. A good camp experience can far exceed the particular intentions behind the choice to attend in the first place.

So what about cost? Camp is not cheap! However there are ways to save money. Look for early discounts, as well as any campership programs. Shorter stays generally cost less. While, Day camps can fit a more modest budget. Park programs also can save you money while religious programs are less expensive as well. Often future campers are willing to take birthday and other holiday gifts in “camp money” to help defray the cost. As a great camp director once told me “A child’s memories of camp last far past the forgotten cost” Camp memories do last a life time and as parents we know childhood is but a fleeting moment in our lives.

Learn more about finding the right Summer Camps[I:]

Swift Nature Camp is a Summer Camp for boys and girls ages 6-15. This is a traditional camp and a Science Camp all rolled in to one.

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