Choosing Online Games For Toddlers To Enlighten And Develop Their Thinking

by Lisa Boughan on June 26, 2012

The way small children are encouraged to learn nowadays has changed from days gone by. Learning starts from the day they are born with educational toys and skill improving aids. These children are very aware of gadgets such as computers and are able to use them from an early age. Computer and toy manufacturers have identified this huge potential market and through their websites parents are choosing online games for toddlers to play.

To keep up with technology, the wealth of knowledge and information at one’s fingertips children from an early age are interacting with online programs and games. These are specifically designed to stimulate and teach children in a fun and interactive way to learn and assimilate knowledge. First stage games often include the use of number, colors, sound and big letters to introduce the alphabet.

Although many programs require an adult to play along there are numerous set up with easy understandable instructions for kids to play alone. Toddlers are taught through games to learn how to assimilate and carry out instructions and find the right answers. Fun indicators such as animal paw prints are often used to guide them to reach their end destinations or find the answers. All these seemingly easy computer functions actually aid perception development and learning to follow instructions.

Even coloring in programs where they have to move a cursor from picture to paint box to change colors develops minds and small motor skills as they learn to maneuver their mouse. Attention span at this age is short and any online program needs to be interesting but also to give variety and different tasks changing in quick succession but coming up repeatedly.

Repetition is essential but there should be reasonable intervals between the same items. Kiddies love television and many children’s programs are interactive and available as games. Playing with their favorite characters brings an element of fun into learning for children. It is advised that people introduce a rotation system into their interactive gaming to ensure that a variety of skills are being developed and a range of knowledge imparted.

Many of these website programs for various age groups are free and updated regularly to ensure that there is always something new. It is important to choose those that have good quality graphics, interesting content, innovative ideas and are not too loud.

Without realizing it many occupational therapy skills are enhanced whilst using a keyboard. Hand eye coordination, selecting keys to type and basic computer skills all form part of any game. Small children nowadays seem to be able to use the latest push button gadgets before they can talk making them true technology age kids.

Ideal games are those that are interesting, fun, entertaining and subtly teach a variety of skills and impart knowledge. When choosing online games for toddlers people should keep in mind the age of the child and not view a game from their own perspective. Having made a selection let the child decide what they like and encourage the play often.

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