Baby Carrier an Essential Accessory for Parents

by John Sullivan on June 15, 2012

Best Baby Age Suitable for Carrier use

Age does not matter so much as the weight of your baby. If your baby is around 3.5kg/8lbs and 9kg/20lbs, you can conveniently use a baby carrier. Even new born babies can be carried around using this baby accessory but the lower limit of your baby must be 3.5kg.

Encourage the use of baby carrier

Baby carrier is the most convenient and effective baby accessory for parents especially mothers. They can carry their baby and still take care of minor household tasks. Aside from that, a study shows that babies need to have constant body contact with their parents because the warmth feeling from a parent or a person carrying them gives them a relaxing mood.

Baby Carrier and carrying your baby

The baby feels comfortable and warmth from the baby carrier position. It can be very convenient and easy for the parent to move around. You may want to change his position after a while though. You could move him onto a playmat or into his crib

Outwards and inwards position

Your baby’s mature age will determine his capacity to hold his head in an outward position. Usually at the age of 4 months or more, babies are capable already of holding their neck to a position of facing outwards. You can already leave them with this position without your hand constantly supporting his neck or head, because babies who mature around 4 months are very curious already with their surroundings. If he faces inwards it can be easy for you to check if he is uncomfortable and can be good for bonding. Whether it’s a front carrier or back carrier allows your baby to have a variation in position.

While babies sleep in baby carriers

Most carriers have high back support and will have enough room for babies head support when he falls asleep. The movement that you make when you walk around will rock and soothe him to sleep. This will not do any harm to your baby because it is especially made and designed to meet the baby’s need.

Putting him in his crib

You can try to place your baby in his crib so that he can continue his sleep. You could also get on with your work. Although sleeping baby in a carrier is also fine. Sometimes it may be easier for you to transfer the sleeping baby from the carrier into his crib or onto a mattress.

Positioning your baby on the carrier

The back support is essentially designed, especially the head support because this is where the weight of the baby falls. The weight being put onto their seat is less than the weight of their back and head compared with the adults whose weight is supported by the lower part of the body, and this is the exact opposite of the baby’s mass. A better baby carrier distributes the weight of your baby which is beneficial on the baby because it will not put a restrain on their body’s lower portion.

Important connection with baby

A mother or a parents’ affection towards his baby is important to the emotional development of a child. This is the reason why Newborn babies are directly put into the mother’s side to allow stimulation of baby’s senses. Breastfeeding is also being encouraged because it ensures proper nutrition, allows the baby’s senses to develop and their emotional strength improves through constant body contact with their mother.

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