A Guide To Toddler Safety In Your House

by Jordan Miller on November 23, 2010

Accidents in the home are the principal reason for death among children in the US. Toddlers particularly like to learn all they can about the world surrounding them with their recently acquired freedom of movement. But all too frequently, their inquisitiveness gets them into trouble.

Most of their injuries, though, can be avoided easily. Some straightforward precautions are all it takes. If you want to keep your child from harm, follow these toddler safety guidelines for your peace of mind.

Throughout the Home

* Any pieces of furniture that can tip over without difficulty, such as a bookcase, have to be attached to the wall with brackets.

* Put covers on doorknobs to keep your toddler out of rooms that present possible dangers. Additionally, she won’t have the ability to escape from the home when you are not looking.

* Make sure your window blinds do not have looped cords. They have been the explanation for strangulation among young kids in many of cases.

* Always use shielding covers on your electrical outlets. This prevents small fingers and other objects from being slid into them.

In the Kitchen

Make sure to install safety latches on all your kitchen cabinets and drawers. Your child won’t be able to get at the cleaning products, most of which are toxic if swallowed. In addition, they will not be able to get hold of sharp objects like knives or scissors from the drawers.

When you are cooking, use the rear burners of the stove. Any pots should have the handles turned inward so your little one can’t grab them. If the oven is on, block access to it so your little one will not get burned.

Bathroom Safety

You’ll also need safety latches on the cabinets and drawers of your bathroom. Ensure that cleaning products and pharmaceuticals are locked up safe from your little one’s grasp. Unplug electrical appliances such as your blow dryer or curling iron immediately after use. Put them somewhere where your child can’t get to them.

You also need a toilet lock to keep the lid closed. Because toddlers are top heavy, it is not difficult for them to fall into the toilet if they are investigating it. Remember that a little child can drown in less than an inch of water. So it’s essential to watch them in the bathroom always.

Check your home thoroughly for any other possible hazards. Take care of them right now. With these precautions and some common sense, raising toddlers can be easy and fun.

Child safety should be the number one concern of every parent, not just in the home but wherever you go. One way to gain some peace of mind when you’re out and about is with the use of a toddler restraint system. A toddler backpack harness is the perfect way to keep your little one close to you while still allowing a certain amount of freedom to explore.

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